We offer a full range of Graco ® equipments and parts.

We have the entire GRACO ® HPCF product line to meet all your industrial needs in terms of spray applications.

We have the top of the line equipments to spray textures, liquid membranes, paints, polyurea membranes, polyurethane foam, etc.

Whether your need is for single component, multi components, fixed or variable ratio, we have the appropriate equipments.

Our spray equipments range from pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or gas. Some are even hybrid.

You are also looking for equipment to blow cellulose, fiberglass, or fireproofing insulation? We have what you need with INTEC equipments.

Moreover, we also offer auxiliary equipments such as generators, air compressosr, air dryers, and all necessary health and safety equipments for your staff.

Get in touch with our friendly staff, let us know your particular projects and we will be happy to assist you in making a smart decision for your equipments selection.

Produits GRACO

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